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“Location, location, location!” is the common mantra when selecting a new home and this home in Old Town had the perfect location for these new parents. A short commute into DC, a community park across the street, good friends within one block and even a small yard and patio were some of the appealing amenities of this early 1900’s Alexandria, VA town home. The inside was a mess. With a French Quarter-meets-Versailles overloaded interior, the existing property bordered on ridiculous. The clean, simple minimalist ideals of its new owners existed only in the creativity to create. The look and flow of the home through small, chopped spaces felt wrong, even for this historical gem. Our mission was to create the perfect blend of modern conservative style and old world charm to meet the daily needs of this growing family.

Splashes of color, texture and special rhythms created beautiful effects within the new open floor plan. The dining room chandelier showcased the stunning elegance of the new open space and the furnishings below, all while sweeping you towards the classic white of the kitchen’s cabinetry and countertops beyond. Upstairs renovations included a charming child’s bathroom with claw footed tub, and a true master suite.

The project successfully combined the historic charm of the neighborhood with the modern tastes of its owners. We blended design and function to create a showpiece for social gatherings and the warmth of a family home.

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