Accommodating Guests

Our clients love to entertain and they asked for an inviting, relaxing space: a new family room and kitchen remodel that would offer guests the opportunity to wander between the intimate, cozy rooms of the original house and the spacious new home addition in Chevy Chase MD. The flow of traffic through the ground floor of the house is promoted by beautiful new wooden floors stained to match those in the original house. This continuity between old and new encourages guests to circulate freely, increasing the home's capacity for entertaining. Because they enjoy having events with as many as a hundred guests, our clients asked us to install a cutting edge sound system, which also features a wireless microphone enabling every person to hear what was being said and what music was being played no matter where they were gathered. Given the home's location near a semi-major highway, a goal of the renovation was a quiet home addition in the bustling Chevy Chase MD location. We surrounded new huge energy efficient windows with walls full of spray insulation, which not only minimized sounds from outside but also made the home more energy efficient. The clients have told us that our strategy to overcome noise from the highway has been remarkably successful, and they have found new enjoyment in entertaining smaller, quiet groups of people, as well as noise-free evenings for two.

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