Bathroom harmony

“How can a bathroom this large have no workable storage?” asked our client. A massive tub that was rarely used was the biggest example of underutilized spaces in the large bathroom.  They needed better storage and the tile was old and cracking.   However, the biggest offender was the tiny shower barely large enough for the amateur triathlete.  By removing the tub and creating a larger shower, we created a harmonious design with equal and more beautiful, functional spaces.

A large bath with so many surfaces often creates a design challenge: Surfaces must be similar to tie the space together, yet different enough to keep design from being monotonous. Our solutions: Intersperse dark wood cabinets of the large vanity with lighter baskets and simple chrome hardware. A granite vanity top matches the granite makeup table top, but large floor tiles and variation in wall tiles add interest. Glass mosaic tile in a ribbon around the shower walls unites the space and softens the high ceilings. A storage niche built inside the shower tucks away products and appliances so glass enclosures show off only beautiful tile work. We love the streamlined, uncluttered look of the new design that has space to store everything. The new, beautiful materials are a better fit for the new, thoughtful design.

Master Bath
Master Bath_DSC1576
Master Bath_DSC1573
Master Bath_DSC1558
Master Bath_DSC1573
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