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Jake Hoppa

Project Coordinator

A Production Coordinator of the TriVistaUSA Design + Build cadre, Jake Hoppa is a dynamic professional who enjoys translating client and team goals into viable paths forward. To date, Jake’s experiences extend across the sport and entertainment management, private hospitality, and fast-paced sales spaces, and he is respected for forming healthy customer/team relationships along the way. Applying this alongside the TriVistaUSA Design + Build crew, Jake is passionate about accentuating design lifecycles and boosting effective processes that not only exceed expectations but ultimately do so while keeping the customer, the community, and his team’s best interests in mind.


Originally from Raleigh, NC, Jake spent the majority of his childhood/young adult life in Rochester, NY after briefly living in Charlotte early on. Surrounded by a mixture of nature and the hustle life, it became the catalyst for Jake to learn the value of integrity, hard work, and the fluidity of balance early on. Prior to TriVistaUSA Design + Build, Jake moved back to Raleigh with his family amid his junior year of college, soon graduating from the University of South Carolina with a major in Sport and Entertainment Management and a minor in Spanish. With that as his base, Jake began his career in ticket sales with the Nationals, a near 2-year experience that brought him to the Fairfax/Merrifield area. In addition, gave him the opportunity to put his skills to practice involving communications, budgeting, sales tracking, and influencing positive interactions – a trajectory that ultimately landed him a promotion with the Capitals.


Today, Jake resides in Ballston with his girlfriend and has since blended his experiences in building client relationships, pipeline management, and hospitality engagements to join TriVistaUSA Design + Build as a Production Coordinator. Overall, Jake is highly passionate about raising the standards of product coordination and internal communications and being a liaison between exceeding client expectations and continuous team growth. But more characteristically, he is someone whose values are tied to ethical leadership, a devotion to production streamlining, and the firm belief that the best results stem from the formation of strong, shared-value partnerships.


When Jake is not keeping a firm pulse on TriVistaUSA Design + Build projects, he enjoys staying connected to his younger brother who lives in Charlotte and his family back in Raleigh, which includes his Corgi named Vinny. He is also passionate about working out, weekly meal prepping, being outside as an avid Eagle Scout, exploring new places, and rooting for the Buffalo Bills on Football Sunday.

What is your ideal weekend getaway?

A small coastal beach town with friends or family


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Luck favors the prepared


What’s on your bookshelf?

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki


Which three people do you invite to a dinner party?

Michael Jordan, Chris Bumstead, and Phil Jackson


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try?

Obtaining 100 consecutive winning lottery tickets

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