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Jimmy Brewer

Project Coordinator

Joining TriVistaUSA Design + Build with 36 years of experience in one hand and passion in the other, Jimmy Brewer is an established Production Coordinator who aims to make every phase of a project as seamless as it is productive. Following the twists and turns of the industry since 1987, Jimmy brings an extensive background involving communication bridging, budgeting, scheduling, along with all things related to remodeling and sales. Now taking that to the TriVistaUSA Design + Build cadre, Jimmy is excited to blend that level of organization to not just exceed production efforts, but ultimately ensure Project Managers are able to focus on what matters the most – delivering clients the amazing experiences and results they deserve.

Born and raised in Southern Maryland into a large family, Jimmy grew up on the notions of kindness and being an overall nice person others would like to be around. Though that lesson was sometimes hard as one of six siblings, it set the pace for his successes playing baseball and basketball as a kid and has since carried over to his professional life. Initially, Jimmy joined the Air Force after graduating high school from Surrattsville High School (Home of Mary Surratt!) in 1983. Later joining Pella Windows and Doors in 1987 after a medical discharge, Jimmy spent the next three and a half decades professionalizing in the remodeling space. Amid this, Jimmy was a service technician who transferred into the sales space in 1996 and then branched onto outside trade sales and builder networking in 2002. Now coming full circle to TriVistaUSA after being introduced to Michael Sauri earlier on, Jimmy enjoys proving that any project can be carried out successfully with the right coordination, transparency, and a whole lot of teamwork.

In the end, Jimmy is all about forming long-term relationships, creating mutually beneficial outcomes, and he is someone who would never leave a production-enhancing stone unturned. That said, when Jimmy is not working, you can usually find him attending live music shows every chance he can get, walking his two dogs, golfing with 25% skill and 75% hope, and of course, spending time with his two teenagers and his wife Elizabeth who has kept him grounded for the last 20+ years.

What is your ideal weekend getaway?

Absolutely love the beach, but when it comes to weekend getaways, nothing comes close to having to travel out of town to watch my daughter play in a volleyball tournament or my son play in a baseball tournament

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Respect others as you want to be respected

What’s on your bookshelf?

Consumer Reports Magazine

Checkbook Bargains Magazine

Misc. books on Music

Which three people do you invite to a dinner party?

It would have to be 4, since my parents are no longer with us and I have also lost 2 siblings in the last few years. Would love to have all of us get together 1 more time

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try?

Singer in a band

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