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Reasons to Remodel Your Home Instead of Sell

Updated: Jun 14

Both selling and remodeling your home have their perks, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what would be best for you. Unless you're a professional remodeler, though, you likely don't know the wide variety of options home remodeling can offer! The final decision will depend on several factors, but here are a few compelling reasons why remodeling is better than selling.

Remodeling Is Less Disruptive

Think about it; selling your home will turn everything upside down. You'll have to begin afresh on many levels, from changing commute routes to making new social connections to learning the nuances of living in a new neighborhood. The money you could use as a down payment for a new house can be reinvested into your current home and improve your equity and quality of life. According to Zillow, 76% of American homeowners surveyed stated they would rather use a specific amount of money to upgrade their home to meet their needs instead of as a down payment on a new home. Remodeling is a great investment into your future and can be a better option for you and your family.

Remodeling Gets You Exactly What You Want

A huge upside to remodeling instead of selling is the customization aspect. Once you sell your house, it may take ages to find what you really want; even then, it won't be a replica of what you envision as the ideal home. With remodeling, your vision can come to life in a reasonable stretch of time. Once you find a reliable, professional, and experienced home remodeling company in Arlington to work with, you're on your way to your dream home with little to no hassle.

Remember Why You Bought It

By selling instead of remodeling, you lose out on all the great things about the house and neighborhood. How about updating some aspects of the house first? Ensuring you work with a home remodeling company that aligns with your goals, improving the curb appeal, and updating the interior will get you there. For instance, you may be fond of the numerous green spaces and outdoor recreation facilities nearby. By remodeling, you get to live in a house that feels and looks brand new without losing the total Arlington experience.

The decision to sell or work with a home remodeling company requires careful thought. The benefits of remodeling your home far outweigh selling and then starting the purchase process all over again. Reach out to our team at TriVistaUSA Design + Build today to learn all about our services and to get started with getting the home of your dreams.



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