Burn Baby, Burn

Our clients had been in their home for some time, but with two twin boys getting older, the space was just too small.  The kitchen was cramped.  The dining area was cramped. The bedrooms were cramped.  The master suite was not existent.  We needed a major addition, plus an existing-home remodel to turn the location they loved into the home they needed: space, light, storage and room for those wonderful boys to grow.  In the meantime, we needed to tie into the aesthetic of a multiracial family - a great example of which can be found in their fireplace.  A fireplace can bring a room together, and that’s exactly what they wanted. The husband and wife were from two very different cultures, and wanted their fireplace to reflect their life together, combining contrasting elements into a dramatic whole.  To meet the client’s needs, we designed a sleek and modern tiled gas fireplace with a linear gas diffuser. We then added a gnarly barn beam as the mantel, a pop of character that transformed the fireplace into something unique. To make the fireplace look larger, we continued the tile into the entrance to the living room and mud room, tricking the eye and doubling its apparent size.  


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