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You guys did a number on the bathroom!! You definitely did a fabulous job with the place! I just wanted to send my thanks for the opportunity of doing business with you and your company. You went above and beyond your obligation to make sure everything was in working order and in tip-top shape. I appreciate your customer service and look forward to working with you on future home improvement projects.
— Marissa P. / Condo in Washington, DC
Michael Sauri and TriVistaUSA are not just home builders, they are life-savers! They listened to our needs, desires, and concerns and then developed a plan of action that was tailored for us. The staff and subcontractors were hard working, neat, and friendly. When they were faced with challenges (and there were many), they took them head-on and found creative solutions. We now have a beautiful home —it’s amazing — mere words don’t do it justice! Thank you so much Michael Sauri and TriVistaUSA for building our dream home!                      — Gaya D. / Arlington, VA
In every instance I was highly satisfied with the integrity, management of the project, and quality of work output by this company. They stand behind their work and are very responsive. When I hired them to do three different projects, they did them well and exceeded my expectations. They are clean, courteous, and respectful. When TriVistaUSA performed work on my home, I brainstormed what I wanted, discussed it over with Michael and they designed the solution and gave me a time line. The rest is history.                                            — A. David S. / Washington, DC
We hired TriVistaUSA for a kitchen and master bath remodel. Not only were our dreams realized, with beautiful results, but Michael and team solved many issues on the fly, in the face of a very hard deadline (a 50th birthday party.) the TriVistaUSA team was masterful in all aspects of the job. They look at their work not as a remodel, but as functional piece of art for the owners and their families to enjoy and thrive in. Three years down the road, we still are thrilled.                                      
— Tim H. / Arlington, VA
In dealing with TriVistaUSA you have a top notch group of professionals who are reliable, knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to serve their clients’ needs. They will make you feel like you are their only client and your every wish is their command. The client management aspect is phenomenal. In addition, the work done on my home was absolutely the highest quality possible with not an inch of space overlooked. These guys are the real deal and you will be thrilled with the end result no doubt. Put your trust in TrivistaUSA without worry.                        — D A J / McLean, VA
We hired the TriVista team because they are incredible and trustworthy. They were absolutely amazing in making our dream of an addition, and a wrap-around porch a reality. We highly recommend them. In addition to incredible listening skills they exemplify incredible communication and follow-up and often times go the extra mile. The fact that I can still say “I love my contractor,” that says it all...              
— Tasha M. / Arlington, VA
I have never worked with a contractor that was more attentive, fair in terms of pricing, and had a crew of the sweetest people we have ever met in the construction business, plus they have good work to back it up. I would highly recommend!  
— J A R / Washington, DC
Without question Michael is one of the most trustworthy, credible, knowledgeable people you will ever meet. Additionally, he is a down to earth, genuine, good, and kind-hearted person. I would not hesitate for a second to do business again with Michael in any endeavor.   
— Kristy M. / Arlington, VA
The TriVista team exceeded my expectations on the conversion of my basement to an accessory apartment. Using a step-by-step approach to ensure clarity and alignment between the team and me, the project manager instilled early trust and delivered on that trust. Issues were raised, discussed and agreed upon respectfully. The estimate provided at the beginning of the project was accurate. I am deeply grateful to TriVista for their organized, straightforward and transparent approach and the beautiful results of my project.              
— Isobel C. / Washington, DC
We highly recommend TriVista. We just finished an addition to our small craftsman home. We love it! I think one of the best things we can say is we have never uttered the words “…we should have done that…” or “…why did we do that?..” That is all because of the excellent partnership with the full TriVista team who truly takes you from design to build. While we are the most important ones to love our project, it also feels great when our neighbors and passers by say how good it looks, natural fit to the property and the neighborhood! Thank you!        
— Lisa R. / Arlington, VA
"High touch, high customer focus, excellent work - TriVistaUSA"
Tom M. / Contractor
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