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What makes us the top home remodeling company in Arlington, VA

From our initial meeting to scheduling the construction of your custom design-build project, TriVistaUSA Design + Build is one of Virginia’s home remodeling companies that’s transparent about our process. We make sure to listen and understand our clients' concerns, integrate their needs and desires into a cohesive design and build plan, and make sure to get clients to sign off on the budget, schematics, and any adjustments needed throughout the project. Whether we're working with a client to build a custom home in Arlington VA, a home addition in Alexandria VA, or remodeling several rooms in Washington D.C., TriVistaUSA Design + Build gives their clients the utmost attention and professionalism. You can trust our team will give you everything you need after you've been asking yourself, “Are there any reputable companies who offer design build near me?”


Nice to meet you                                                                    


Our journey begins at hello. Here at TriVistaUSA Design + Build, we start our preliminary consultation with one goal in mind: how can we help turn your remodeling dreams into a reality? During this time, our skilled team members will listen and determine what is not working at your current home and how we can help. We will then make our way to your house to further evaluate the full scope of your project. With our expertise, along with your needs in mind, we will begin to determine a price point and schedule that is specific to the work you would like to accomplish. We want to ensure you are on board with everything we plan because it’s your home! Our main goal is to give you exactly what you want by listening to your family’s needs and ever-changing lifestyle.


Dream to design


- Measurement of your home


- Design Charette (Internal)

- Design Team Meetings (Internal)

- SDA Presentation with itemized       

  pricing worksheet

An important question homeowners ask is, “Where is a quality remodeling company offering design build near me?” TriVistaUSA Design + Build has what you need, and we're here to clarify our process. The Schematic Design Agreement (SDA) answers the three most important questions our homeowners ask, "What could it look like? How long will it take? How much will it cost?” We will provide you with three different and unique design options that address your specific needs and wants. Each design will include approximate pricing and scheduling based on our extensive experience with projects of similar size and scope. All of this will be done in your very first meeting with our team, including a house designer architect. Our entire team will collaborate and collect all necessary information to make sure that you are receiving the best designs that align with your goals.

Tejasen Lin - Primary Vanity and Shower F.jpg

Putting the pieces together now                             

- Design #1

- Shop Day

- Design #2

- Sub Day at your home

- Construction Proposal Meeting

The Design + Build Agreement (DBA) allows us to combine exciting options from the SDA, and with your feedback, tweak them into one cohesive masterpiece. You will partner with our in-house designer to select each fixture, finish, and construction detail with near-constant budget updates. Each item needed to complete your project is carefully addressed and used to create an interrelated and connected project design. With any options you've asked us to include, the entire buildable project is laid out in a detailed construction proposal, incorporating every part and piece of your design into a construction-ready document, awaiting your signature! Don't hesitate to ask our house designer architect your questions throughout this process.



Let's build this                                                              


This is the fun part: construction! We will finalize plans with structural and engineering details and submit them for permits. During this waiting period, we'll be coordinating and ordering long lead time items, such as cabinetry and windows. Once permits are approved, we can begin crafting your project. You'll be working with one of our extraordinary project managers who will be overseeing our crew and the construction of your home from beginning to end. They will make sure the team, including the house designer architect on the job, is treating your space with the utmost care. They will meet with you weekly to update you on our completion to make sure it’s staying on time and it’s on budget.


A home that lasts


A TriVistaUSA Design + Build standard is to nurture our relationship and to maintain the items from your recently completed project. With our one-year warranty, we look forward to meeting again and taking care of any specifics that need additional attention. When you become a TriVistaUSA Design + Build client, you become family. If you’re wondering, “Are there any reputable companies who offer design build near me?”, the answer is yes. As one of Virginia's most dependable and renowned home remodeling companies, we are here to help.

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