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Carlos Nyce

Interior Designer

Coming from a place of passion and experience, Carlos Nyce is an adept Interior Designer who enjoys creating designs that are as functional as they are influential. To date, Carlos holds an extensive track record of implementing creative design solutions, converting scope initiatives into tangible realities, and fostering healthy client relationships of diverse backgrounds. Applying this to TriVistaUSA Design + Build, Carlos enjoys not only exceeding expectations, but doing so all while ensuring clients feel confident as they navigate through the design-to-development process.


Born and raised in Peru, Carlos is a naturally creative artist who recognized his knack after a designing for fun experience quickly manifested into designing for passion. Amid studying Architecture and Urban Planning at Universidad Ricardo Palma (Lima - Perú) for five years, Carlos's exposure to designing for a friend ultimately inspired him to switch gears. Initially beginning his tenure working for a public/commercial interior design firm during his last semester of college, Carlos leveraged that and branched into the entrepreneurial space. During this time, Carlos mastered residential and commercial interior design concepts, notably designing kitchens, art studios, bars, restaurants, condos, clothes, furniture, art pieces, brainstorming restaurant names and logos, and even supporting landscape designs. This eventually led to the inception of his own design studio, and since made him a key creative player of the TriVistaUSA Design + Build team.


From his unique design perspectives to his history of working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, Carlos is a professional who loves every moment of developing spaces that others can truly be proud to call their own. Overall, Carlos is passionate about delivering clients standard-raising experiences and results that match their personality and ultimately demonstrates that by ensuring every stage of the game is as positive as it is productive. That said, when Carlos is not working or making everyone in the office laugh, you can usually find him playing guitar, learning new instruments, free-form creative cooking, sketching, watching Spanish movies, and above all, spending time and creating fun-loving memories with his family.

What is your ideal weekend getaway?

Going to a National Park with my family and going canoeing on a lake, having a picnic, playing guitar, and spending time sketching and enjoying time with my family. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“trust your inner voice” and 

“time changes your perspective of things”

What’s on your bookshelf?

Steppenwolf (by Hermann Hesse), Walden (Henry David Thoureau), 

Jonathan Livingston Seagull (by Richard Bach), some motivational books, family pictures, random built lego creations, one of my son's drawings he gave me for my birthday, mechanical pencils, a custom coupon book that my family made me, and design and art magazines

Which three people do you invite to a dinner party?

José Mujica (former president of Uruguay), "Harry Haller" (from Steppenwolf book by Hermann Hesse), Charly García (Argentinian musician)

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try?

I would start a creative restaurant that has custom made items by artists such as plates, furniture, clothes that the staff wears, and custom decor that changes every couple months ( almost like a pop up restaurant), and once everything changes that stuff is sold at the restaurant gift store and the cycle continues.

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