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For this Fairfax project, our client wanted a fresh new space that buzzed with the vibrancy of city life and incorporated personalized spaces.

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New York State of Mind


By knocking down walls and extending the space, we opened up the kitchen to the living room, creating an open concept floor plan. We doubled down with two islands, optimizing both work and social zones, essentially enhancing functionality while optimizing space.

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Primary Bathroom

We wanted this new primary bathroom to feel open and spa-like. Out went the oversized, built-in tub, making room for a spacious, glass-enclosed shower—a choice that not only modernizes the space but also visually enlarges it. The addition of a double floating vanity was crucial, providing ample storage while maintaining a sleek, clean appearance that enhances the room's modern vibe. 

Midnight Coffee Bar

For the midnight coffee bar, we forgot all the rules... Because, why not? When it's coffee o'clock, it's coffee o'clock. The quirky decision to convert a closet into a midnight coffee bar was as simple as it gets: Our client loves coffee and wants her house to be practical for her! Life's too short for coffee-less closets. 

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