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Kelly Fitzgerald

Assistant Project Manager

Bringing new levels of flair and artistic ambiance to the TriVistaUSA Design + Build scene, Kelly Fitzgerald is an adept Assistant Project Manager who enjoys ensuring her team (and clients) have the most seamless A to B experiences they deserve. As a part of the TriVistaUSA Design + Build cadre, Kelly brings with her a strong background involving all things art, DIY processes, interior design/architecture, and of course, the dual value of organization and transparent communication to ensure yellow brick paths remain bump-free. That said, Kelly is ardent about boosting project lifecycles, keeping gray hairs at bay, and above all, proving that every initiative can be exceeded with the right blend of team collaboration, visualization, and dashes of patience.


A local Nova kid holding passions that can trace back to pre-professional days, Kelly learned early on that a life of creative expression was the path she wanted to pursue. Though a large part of that comes from growing up in Falls Church, Virginia in a very DIY ‘fix and build’ family, her desire to create ultimately came to her naturally. With this as her roots, Kelly decided to upgrade her notebook doodles by attaining a Bachelor's of Fine Art from Longwood University, with a concentration in Photography and Jewelry Making. Applying that to the real world, Kelly started working in interior design fresh out of college, a career path that formed after several years specializing in textiles and soft goods, sales, customer service, and absorbing interior architecture concepts along the way. Now carrying that love for building, design, and problem-solving to TriVistaUSA Design + Build; Kelly is not just a creative lens to the team, but a resilient professional who truly understands that the best results come from the bridging of coordination, organization, and genuine partnership.


From ensuring projects stay on track to keeping clients informed, Kelly is a dynamic professional who loves nothing more than positioning her team and clients for standard-raising success. However, when Kelly is not working, she enjoys letting her creative sparks fly via making and selling custom art part-time ranging from abstract paintings, resin objects, jewelry to custom home finishings. On the occasions where she breaks away from art, you can find Kelly participating in social leagues for cornhole in the summer and fall, scoping out new restaurants in the DC area, and bottom of the 9th edge-sitting at local baseball games – go Nats!

What is your ideal weekend getaway?

Getting out of the city!  Regardless if that’s going to a tropical paradise or remote cabin in the woods, I’m most happy if I can share the moments with friends or my family. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

You can't Monday morning quarterback your life.

What’s on your bookshelf?

Mostly cooking, personal development, and art books

Which three people do you invite to a dinner party?

Betty White, Jay Shetty, Snoop Dogg

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try?

I’d become a world renown Landscape Photographer and travel blogger.

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