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2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider

In recent years, bathroom remodeling has evolved from pure aesthetics to now include functionality, sustainability, and the personal well-being of its users. With a professional design build company, you can transform your bathroom from just another space in your home to a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you're considering this home addition, then you can expect less stress, too; according to HouseMethod, 93% of respondents indicated a better quality of life after completing renovations. Here are some of the top modern trends you should keep in mind.

Smart Bathrooms

Every year, technology becomes more and more incorporated into our daily lives. If you haven't reached out to a home designer to bring this technology to your bathroom, then you may be missing out. With a smart bathroom, you can have a digital shower to set the perfect temperature, motion-activated faucets, mirrors with adjustable lighting, integrated speakers, and so much more. One of our remodeling architects can go through every option to craft the perfect selection of features you need.

Additional Wellness Features

One of the most popular modern bathroom trends our design build company can integrate is wellness features. Additions such as steam showers, aromatherapy dispensers, and soaking tubs can transform your space into a spa-like atmosphere. A jetted tub can provide relaxation that will make you never want to leave your bathtub.

Sustainable Solutions

Now more than ever, it's crucial to prioritize eco-friendliness in your home. Modern bathrooms do just this, in both design and functionality. Our team can go over the options, including water-saving fixtures, efficient lighting, and non-toxic paint. You can improve every aspect of the room and help promote sustainability to make an impact on the environment.

Nature-Inspired Design

The final trend we will touch on is one that embraces the beauty and tranquility of nature. Many modern bathrooms now show off beautiful natural materials and color palettes to remind you of nature. This can range from wood finishes to stone countertops to weathered metal fixtures. This trend is sure to make an impression on anyone who uses your restroom. For an added bit of luxury, consider indoor plants to bring a natural feel to your new bathroom.

If you're interested in a total bathroom remodel, then contact TriVista USA Design + Build today. We are proud to be one of the leading home remodeling businesses in the Arlington, VA area. Our experts are standing by to help you build the bathroom of your dreams.



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