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2024 Kitchen Trends to Know About

A complete kitchen refresh provides a major boost to your quality of life as well as your home's style. Lighting updates, handy additions, and brand-new fixtures are a few pieces of a comprehensive remodel to look forward to. As you look to transform this essential home space, consider the following 2024 kitchen trends that only the finest home remodeling companies can implement.

Layered Interior Lighting

Customization is vital to your everyday living experience, especially for your kitchen routines. Whether you're looking to set a specific tone in your kitchen or you're interested in highlighting the decor, layered lighting is the solution for 2024. To get the ambiance you're aiming for, consider having specific areas of the room lit. The strategic placement of light strips and fixtures can be done on the island, at your sink, inside of cabinets, and anywhere else you prefer. Covering your kitchen in warm glows and pleasant hues will dramatically improve the enjoyment you get from your everyday kitchen routines.

Unique Backsplashes and Brilliant Materials

The backsplash of a kitchen is one of its primary characteristics that reflects your personal style. According to a recent Houzz survey, backsplashes are the second-most renovated kitchen feature. This year, more and more homeowners are opting for backsplashes in vibrant colors and striking patterns. Designs with organic shapes and sophisticated lines add depth to this home space, breathing life into your kitchen.

When collaborating with a design build firm in Arlington, VA on your new backsplash, don't hold back on having high-quality materials sourced. According to a 2024 study by the Interior Designers Institute, 61% of homeowners chose porcelain tile for their new kitchen fixture material. When you work with an exceptional crew of designers and architects like TriVistaUSA Design + Build, you can secure the finest materials and finishes for each aspect of your kitchen renovation.

Organization Overhauls

Accessibility and ease of use continue to be high priorities for our clients. These qualities are especially vital to the kitchen. Drawer dividers, hidden electrical outlets, and partitions are just a few of the skilled implementations that TriVistaUSA Design + Build can deliver for your home remodeling project. Our team is dedicated to customizing your renovations to fit your everyday needs, so be sure to let us know your current storage needs. Cookware, small appliances, spices, food items, and more should be easy to store, organize, and retrieve.

Luxury Appliances

Whether you’re washing dishes, organizing the fridge, or cooking dinner, it's nice to use appliances that make your kitchen tasks seamless and less disruptive. Allow our crew to install luxury appliances with modern technological capabilities. Ultra-quiet functionality is one specific feature beloved by homeowners. This is especially helpful for family households who would benefit from having a lower base level of noise throughout their residence.

With the support of TriVistaUSA Design + Build, your luxury home can be achieved. Our full-home remodeling services guarantee that your residence will be everything you've always dreamed of. Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the most renowned home remodeling companies in Arlington, VA today! We look forward to learning more about your remodeling needs. Ready to transform your kitchen? Contact us today to schedule your consultation.



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