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4 Ways to Utilize Your Home Addition

Updated: Jun 14

Home additions are exciting investments that can bring added value to your property and lifestyle. While the possibilities seem endless, there are a few key ways you can maximize your home addition's potential. Consider the following ideas to get you started so you know how to best use your home addition.

1. As an Extra Office Space

According to EarthWeb, married couples invest in home improvements more than single people. For many married couples, having a his and hers office is the perfect way to make use of a home addition. Consider hiring a design-build firm to make the addition of workspaces in different rooms or even separated ends of the same room, depending on how much space you have. If you don't need two full-time offices, the remaining space can be used for a variety of purposes like sewing, crafting, hobbies, and more.

2. As an Entertainment Room

Another great way to make use of your home addition is by creating an entertainment room. This is an ideal place for socializing with friends or family members and enjoying movies and games together. Consider features like comfortable seating areas with storage for board games, video games, and DVDs. You may also want to invest in a bar area if you like to mix up drinks when entertaining.

3. As a Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Nowadays, many people are investing in home gyms or yoga studios as an alternative to public spaces. Having a dedicated space for exercise will add value and convenience to your life. Depending on the size of your addition, you can have the space outfitted with all the necessary equipment such as treadmills, weights, and yoga mats.

4. As a Family Room or Playroom

For families with children and/or pets, a family room or playroom is an ideal solution. This can be a great way to designate separate areas in the house for kids and adults alike. Comfortable furniture seating and storage options like bookcases, cabinets, and toy boxes will make the most of a play room. Interior design services can add some fun touches like colorful wallpaper and wall decals.

Home additions can provide plenty of ways to add to your home's functionality and increase the value of your investment. For help revamping your home in Arlington, VA, call TriVistaUSA today! Our trusted team of architects, interior designers, and skilled craftsmen are happy to help you reimagine your dream home.



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