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5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Give You a Spa-Like Space

Updated: Jun 14

According to EarthWeb, 80% of home projects are bathroom renovations. If you are one of many homeowners wanting to renovate their bathroom space into a spa-like space, look no further. Experienced kitchen and bath remodeling companies will professionally enhance your bathroom space with updated light fixtures, incorporated marble, a neutral color scheme, installed heated floors, and hidden storage space. Take a look at the following five remodeling trends to learn more!

1. Updating Light Fixtures

Updating your light fixtures with modern designs can do wonders for the aesthetics of the bathroom space. Examples of lights to consider for this project include pendants, chandeliers, and recessed fixtures. In addition to these traditional choices, there are also dimmable lights, which are commonly placed behind mirrors or under vanities. A design and build firm will help you implement these fixture options to take the ambiance of your master bath to the next level.

2. Incorporating Marble

Marble is a recent interior design trend that gives the space a crisp and pristine finish that many homeowners love. In a bathroom space, the options are limitless for adding marble. Your flooring type, shower, vanity, and wall tiles are great ways to incorporate marble into your master bath for a spa-like quality.

3. Adding a Neutral Color Scheme

Experienced kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies can give guidance on the perfect neutral color schemes to add to your home. In addition to making the bathroom appear cleaner, the color scheme will create a calming atmosphere to relax and pamper yourself. Some color examples to achieve this look include ivory, slate grey, beige, tan, and taupe.

4. Installing Heated Flooring

Nothing is quite as satisfying as having heated flooring in your master bath. With flooring always conveniently warm, you can ensure that you always have optimal comfort while spending time in the bathroom. This factor is as spa-like as they come.

5. Implementing Hidden Storage Space

You likely store various products in your master bath, and no allotted space for these objects can quickly make your bathroom appear cluttered and chaotic. To ensure you have a bathroom space that is soothing and relaxing, look into hidden storage options. The added storage will ensure that you always have a clear countertop area, and cleanliness is essential for a spa-like environment.

If you want to begin a transformative home project with a quality remodeling company, contact TrivistaUSA today! We offer top-notch interior design services to Arlington, VA homes, and we'd be happy to help you achieve the home of your dreams.



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