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From Concept Through Completion: Exploring the Life Cycle of a TriVistaUSA Design + Build Project

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When we speak with Arlington-area homeowners about bringing their visions of home to life, we often find that many have never been through the design-build process before. Design-build remodeling is pretty cool, but if you’ve never experienced it before, we recognize that it might also be a little overwhelming. To help you better understand our process, we prepared this article to illustrate the project life cycle using the schematics, renderings, and finished photography of an actual TriVistaUSA Design+ Build project.

Let’s Talk It Through

Recently, clients in Arlington came to us looking for a solution to their poorly laid out house that just wasn’t working for their family’s various needs. Together, we took a deep dive into their biggest pain points. All of the bedrooms were split between the first and second floors, the kitchen and dining areas were cramped, and there just wasn’t enough multifunctional space, storage or privacy.

The homeowners also asked that our design team keep the quaint feel of the neighborhood in mind: They didn’t want a house so big & loud that it took up the entire property or didn’t blend with the surrounding homes. They also wanted to be certain that the renovation didn’t interfere with their backyard, which is a favorite gathering spot for their kids’ friends. They provided a reasonable and well thought out set of needs, and we were up to the task.

Home design rendering

From Imagination to Reality

With this information in hand, we began measuring spaces, putting together a timeline, and, most importantly, calculating the budget. Our goal is to always give homeowners the full picture before work begins with no surprises.

Home design sketches

As soon as the plan is approved, we can move forward with the fun part: the design! With so many awesome materials, finishes, styles, and fixtures to browse between, our clients absolutely loved seeing the renderings come to life as our experts guide them through the selection process. Being able to experience the space before the build phase begins is such a great thing to offer our homeowners.

In this particular project, our clients were very excited to see the drawings of their home’s new exterior as well as some cool tile options for the new space.

Blue tile

Time to Build

With the final construction plans in the hands of one of our incredible project managers, all our clients have to do now is wait for the final results. These homeowners particularly liked getting our team’s regular weekly updates to stay in the loop and monitor their home’s progress without the headache of having to manage the jobsite themselves.

Kitchen remodel

Creating a Legacy

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, our goal is to create homes that will become the backdrop of family memories for generations. With the final touches put on our clients’ newly expanded space, this house is finally their perfect home. They were so happy that they even made delicious cupcakes for our team. Our favorite!

Cake and cupcakes from our clients

With a proven process, great communication, and a collection of incredible talent that has helped us anchor our reputation, we are continuously fortunate to build cool homes for even cooler people.

Finished home remodel



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