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Home Glow-ups: Our Top 2023 Remodels

Whether it's transforming spaces for a more functional and efficient experience or modernizing traditional housing into energy-efficient homes, we prioritize thoughtful design so our clients can enjoy fine living on their terms. We live for all those jaw-dropping moments when our clients step into their revamped space and exclaim, "This is exactly how I envisioned my home."

So, if you're seeking inspiration or simply eager to appreciate some of our proudest achievements of home remodeling in Arlington, dive into our favorite projects of 2023 below.

Project 1 - From Dated to Dazzling - A Tudor Tale

Our Arlington client's home had a story to tell, and after trotting the globe, she was ready to give it a new chapter. Coming back, she felt like the house was stuck in a time warp, with different styles clashing left and right, thanks to past owners' additions – a bit like a patchwork quilt that doesn't really sit right.

She had a vision, though – turning her place into a cozy English Tudor dream. Picture that charming, classic style you'd find in storybooks, but with a modern edge.

And, of course, a major highlight? A super-luxe, modern master suite for that subtle splash of everyday luxury.

Why do we love this project? It's the personality we infused, the quirks and preferences of our clients shining through every room.

Project 2 - Bungalow Dreams in Color: Arlington's Coolest Remodel Yet

Featured in Arlington Magazine, this clients tired old bungalow was begging for a makeover, and our touch really burst through on this one!

First up we popped the top to create a second floor with high ceilings, making the space feel airy and expansive. The client wanted lots of blue pops around the home which we added with sleek kitchen tiling, bathroom accents, and hues around the house. The exterior is now also adorned in a brilliant shade of blue, setting it apart in the Arlington neighborhood and making a statement that's as unique as our clients. 

Downstairs we introduced a sleek staircase so our clients wouldn't have to use a ladder to make it up anymore, making the ascent stylish and functional. Plus the entire downstairs got a serious facelift with a smart reconfiguration and a brand-new kitchen, mudroom, powder room, master suite, and more!

Why do we love this project? Apart from the beautiful and functional house transformation, it's adding those splashes of fun colors and features that our clients were yearning for!

Project 3 - A Modern Farmhouse: Flipping the Script on Cozy Living

Sometimes the seemingly simple projects tend to be the most complex of them all, but it

doesn't mean we miss the opportunity to have some fun with it! This Arlington project is the perfect example. The mission? Refresh and reconfigure parts of our clients' first floor.

We relocated the master suite and office, creating a shared fireplace that's like a secret passage between rooms. Plus, they get to share the warmth! Then, we opened up their family room and added a cozy library that bleeds into the space. We also added doors next to the fireplace that opens up to a sunlit backyard oasis with a pool.

Why do we love this project? It's the blend of modern comfort and farmhouse warmth that now wraps around every corner.

Have a dream for your home? It's just one project away! Reach out to us today, and let's get started on bringing that vision to life.

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