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How to Make the Most of Your Home Remodeling Process

Are you starting a custom home remodeling project? You're not alone! 55% of homeowners reported starting a home remodeling project this year alone, according to Today's Homeowner. However, you may still be ruminating on how to make the most of your home remodel. Here are some tips to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.

Hire a Design Build Firm

The best way to ensure you get the most out of your custom home remodeling project is to hire a design build firm. Why is this? The design-build process is much faster, easily customizable, and more efficient than the design-bid-build process. With a design build firm, you will work with one team of experts from design to installation, rather than hiring a designer, architect, and builders from multiple companies. This creates a streamlined process that doesn't leave room for details to fall through the cracks.

Connect Spaces

When planning out your custom home remodeling project, you should focus on connecting spaces. According to Rocket Homes, 51.2% of homeowners prefer an open layout. If you're a part of this number, then make sure you communicate it with your design build team. Your team of experts can construct a beautiful design that creates a seamless flow between your kitchen, dining room, living room, or any other space you'd like. An open layout will make entertaining more enjoyable, increase your resale value, increase natural light, and much more.

Focus on Your Needs

The final tip to get the most out of your remodel is to focus on your actual needs. For example, if you are not a bath person, wouldn't it make more sense to install a large, elegant tiled shower with glass doors over a bathtub you would never use? On the other hand, if your main goal and what you need to get out of the remodel is increased home value, then adding additional features like a spa tub would be a great choice, even if you may not use it personally. By focusing on your needs vs. your fleeting wants, you'll ensure you get exactly what you're looking for out of your custom home remodeling project.

Getting the most out of your home remodel doesn't need to be a tricky thing. Once you hire a reputable design build firm, like us here at TriVistaUSA Design + Build, be sure to communicate with your team of experts what your end goals are. If you keep these tips in mind then you'll be sure to have a remodel you can love. Give us a call today to get started on your home remodeling project in Arlington, VA.



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