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How You Can Bring Outdoor Beauty Into Your Home

Enhancing the beauty of your home can be accomplished with renovations focused on improving access to outdoor spaces. If you’re wondering how to improve your Arlington, VA home with breezy, energy-filled additions, then look to the outdoors for inspiration! There’s no need for a residential architect. Keep reading to learn more about how our design-build remodeling experts can integrate the outdoors into your indoor spaces.


What better way to integrate your home’s interior with the outdoors than with a sunroom! This is a smart, stylish, and sustainable home improvement that you can have customized to your particular lifestyle needs. Whether you’d like to fashion this area into a vibrant plant-filled garden room, an additional family room, or even a quiet home office, sunrooms offer homeowners flex space suitable for many uses.

Designing a sunroom entails tailoring it to improve your quality of life. Our talented team of interior designers will recommend the ideal form and function to facilitate the many ways you plan to utilize this extra space. If you’d like this area to promote relaxation and reflection, then a minimal design with open space for yoga and meditation is an optimal solution. If you are adding the sunroom to enable entertaining, then your design team will incorporate entertaining friendly features like French doors, accordion doors, or folding walls to help transition the sunroom space to an adjacent patio.

If your space requires climate control for year round comfort, then our designers will incorporate HVAC features. To regulate natural light, our designers will incorporate window treatments, like smart blinds which adjust automatically to filter sun or provide privacy at night.

Screened-In Porches

A new screened-in porch provides homeowners with a delightful blend of indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment, enhancing their living space significantly. This feature allows for a largely unobstructed view and experience of the outdoors without the nuisances of insects or harsh weather elements. It's also the perfect setting for dining al fresco, enjoying morning coffees, or evening relaxation in a bug-free environment.

Our design build team is here to customize your new porch space to seamlessly connect to your home’s interior and exterior style and aesthetic. Whether it’s an addition you need as an extra entertaining area for guests or an oasis to enjoy in solitude at the end of a long day, it’s important to make sure its size and styling blend seamlessly with your home.

Embracing Natural Light With All-Encompassing Changes

While beautiful sunrooms and screened-in porches are transformative changes made to a specific home area, our team of expert residential architects can incorporate the beauty of natural light throughout your home. Reconfiguring your property’s layout and strategically implementing new windows to bring in sunlight will freshen up the entire home and even improve your well-being. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, frequent exposure to outdoor light can cause a 50% reduction in depressive symptoms!

Replacing small windows with larger, floor-to-ceiling options, or adding sliding glass doors are some key examples of implementations that will maximize light entry and enhance your everyday living. Integrating a light well into multi-story homes can also channel light into lower floors, brightening spaces naturally and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Looking to get started with gorgeous home transformations from an expert team of residential remodeling experts? If so, then get in touch with TriVistaUSA Design + Build as soon as you can! With our comprehensive remodeling process, you can rest assured that your home redesign goals will be met with efficiency, expertise, and an emphasis on collaboration. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and providing you with more information about our excellent renovation services.



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