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Impress Guests With These New Kitchen Remodel Features

If you enjoy hosting family holiday parties, neighborhood cocktail hours, and casual couples game nights in your home, you know that your kitchen is a busy space. In fact, the kitchen is often thought of as the hub of most homes. If you're ready to improve your kitchen with the help of one of the top local home remodeling companies, here are some features you may consider during a kitchen remodel.

Inclusive Seating Options With More Space

Kitchen remodeling ideas are endless, but the most common inquiries we get from clients involve seating and space. If you'd like a new seating area for guests that you can see from your main cooking area, our expert kitchen designers are at your service. From beautiful counters with luxury barstools to an expansive seating area with window seats and comfortable chairs, we can ensure your kitchen has the proper space and seating for all your guests.

Another unique seating option is a breakfast nook. If you enjoy hosting brunches with friends or your family, a beautiful and cozy nook to seat all your guests may be the perfect feature to consider during your kitchen remodel. Breakfast nooks can be outfitted with unique colors, pillows, and the most comfortable cushions. You can truly make the space yours, as 87% of homeowners add new decor as part of their kitchen transformation, according to Designers Today.

Endless Options With Open-Concept Kitchens

Many of our clients are intrigued by open-concept kitchens, too. This newer phenomenon opens up the kitchen, creating a spacious area while prioritizing modern amenities and cozy accessories. With an open-concept kitchen, you can finish cooking while chatting with guests as they enjoy appetizers.

Since open-concept kitchens are big, you can also include more unique additions to the space. You can choose a sleek bar area to prepare cocktails and pour glasses of wine or even a coffee station to make your favorite lattes! Some homeowners want a dedicated meal prep area outfitted with plenty of counter space and storage, too. Our custom home remodeling experts can draw up more ideas for you to consider.

As one of the best local home remodeling companies in the Arlington, VA area, we help homeowners achieve remodeled spaces they've been dreaming about. When you choose our team to remodel your kitchen, you will impress your guests and be happier in your new space. Contact us today at TriVistaUSA Design + Build to get started.



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