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Melding Design and Accessibility With Your Home Remodel

Accessibility is becoming a focal point of home remodels in 2024. When you incorporate accessibility into your home remodel, it's not about just adding practical features; in fact, it's about creating an environment that integrates function and aesthetics where all of your friends and family can feel comfortable and enjoy the home. As the top local home remodeling company in Arlington, VA, our team at TriVistaUSA Design + Build has the experience necessary to take your home remodel to the next level by incorporating accessible features seamlessly into your home, with results that will last for years to come. Let's take a look at what you need to know.

The Importance of Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility in home design, it ensures that everyone, regardless of age or disability, can safely navigate and enjoy the home. If you're looking to incorporate accessible features during your next remodel, let our team know and we can implement features for those with mobility issues, vision or hearing impairments, and more. Our goal is to create a luxurious space that promotes independence and comfort. Let's take a look at how we merge functionality and design.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is important for those with mobility issues, and it also opens up the space to a lot of creativity. Our local home remodeling company can take your existing space and open it up or expand it to offer maximum maneuverability. In fact, according to Rocket Homes, 51.2% of homeowners prefer an open layout. It's one of the biggest things you can do to make your home more accessible during your next remodel.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home, and when it's being remodeled, accessibility is key. Our team can install a curbless shower with a built-in bench and non-slip flooring to ensure the occupant is both comfortable and safe. A comfort-height toilet is taller than standard models and is easier to use for those with mobility issues. We can also install grab bars throughout the bathroom to provide additional support. Touchless faucets make sinks much easier to use and add a modern touch to your home.

Outdoor Accessibility

Your home remodel should include the outdoors, especially if you want to prioritize accessibility. Consider having us install pathways, ramps, and entryways that are easy to use for those with a disability. These wide, smooth paths can wind throughout your property, giving your home a unique look. Raised garden beds will ensure easy reach for those looking to continue their passion for gardening.

Smart Home Technology

Thanks to the 21st-century boom in technology, there are more accessibility options than ever, and smart home technology offers countless benefits. Our team can seamlessly integrate this modern tech throughout your home, allowing for voice or app-controlled lighting, temperature, and security. With the right local home remodeling company behind you, your home can see a high level of automation and ease of use.

More homeowners are seeing the benefits of an accessible home. If you're looking for a design build team you can depend on in Arlington, VA, look no further than TriVistaUSA Design + Build. Call now to schedule a consultation.



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