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Premium Condo Living: Taking Luxury to the Next Level

Updated: Jun 14

Remodeling a high-end condo can seem daunting and full of restrictions, but the challenges that come with working in a luxury high-rise are worth the gorgeous city views. Imagine a home with elegance infused throughout the entire space. Who wouldn’t want that?

TriVistaUSA condo project in Washington, D.C.

Good bones, great natural light and often an existing viable floor plan open up endless possibilities when it comes to transforming your condo into the city retreat you’ve always wanted. Is it possible? Absolutely! Is it simple? Not without a team that knows how to navigate the challenging process.

From obtaining special permits and HOA approvals, coordinating water shut-offs, debris removal, scheduling necessary street closures, unique & restricted work hours, and even hiring a crane to get some of the larger materials in through the windows, a condo remodel can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare if you aren’t prepared.

TriVistaUSA condo project in Washington, D.C.

Whether you want to create an everyday space steeped in luxury or a home-away-from-home that feels like you’re staying in a fine hotel every time you open up those doors, the options are there, just like in a traditional home remodel.

These condo projects that our team recently took on perfectly shows how no amount of procedural challenges can get in the way of creating a truly wow-worthy high-rise home.

Getaway Space Showcases Luxe Living

TriVistaUSA condo project in Washington, D.C.

When our longtime client approached us asking if we could transform their Ritz Carlton Washington, D.C. condo into a luxe getaway, we pulled out all the stops. We reimagined the entire space and infused as much livable luxury as possible for this family.

TriVistaUSA condo project in Washington, D.C.

This included a floor-to-ceiling black marble waterfall shower, custom faux skylights and ornate gold accents throughout, and stunning textured wall treatments. We didn’t skip a single detail, and now this second home is now a delightfully lavish retreat for them and their guests.

Modern Remodel Makes Room for Art Collection

TriVistaUSA condo project in Washington, D.C.

Against a backdrop of gray patterned walls, awe-inspiring views and stunning custom support pillars, our client’s incredible collection of large art pieces takes center stage. From the glam kitchen that can be enclosed behind velvet curtains and the waterfall headboard feature in the primary bedroom to the striking linear tile patterns in the luxurious bathroom, this entire space was designed to give our client’s an immersive modern art experience in everyday living.

Gorgeous Colors and A Modern Design

With clean lines and a striking color palette, this sleek, modern condo remodel was a total success. Incorporating as much luxury within restricted square footage is the name of the game, and we knocked it out of the park. The primary bathroom features a convenient pocket door, a spa-like steam shower, and a crisp black & white color palette.

TriVistaUSA condo project in Arlington, Virginia

The primary bedroom is bold, spacious and offers the perfect setting to enjoy the changing seasons. Natural light floods the room, offering a serene and relaxing atmosphere as you start your day.

TriVistaUSA condo project in Arlington, Virginia

Whether you're a busy professional or a recent empty-nester, luxury condo living offers you the ability to lock the door behind you and experience the best your city has to offer. Now, it's time to pour a martini (extra dirty), enjoy the views, and explore!



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