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The Interior Design Trends That Will Shape 2024

As we edge into 2024, the language of interior design is becoming more diverse, playful, and expressive than ever before.

This year, it's out with the predictable and in with the bold, the textured, the luxuriously understated, and the downright cozy vibes of brown (because, why not?).

So grab some inspiration from these hot trends that will shape interior design in 2024:

Back to Brown

It’s official: Brown is the new black. From caramel and espresso to chocolate, watch as this humble hue takes center stage, proving itself to be anything but basic. Brown brings a grounded, comforting presence into your home, wrapping rooms in a cozy embrace that’s both timeless and trendy.

Browns are beautiful because they can be either warm or cool. Warm browns can be used to make your space feel extra cozy, whereas cool tones can be used to create a clean, fresh take on a space. Take this stunning TriVistaUSA Design + Build primary bathroom. Notice how the brown leans towards a purple-blue hue? These cool tones create a beautiful, light atmosphere to this Arlington bathroom.

TriVistaUSA Design + Primary Bathroom - Arlington, VA

Bold and Bolder 

Gone are the days when walls whispered in shades of eggshell and ecru. 2024 is painting a picture of rebellion against the minimalist monochrome with a palette that pops. Think electric blues, radiant reds, and greens so lush you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of the jungle.

If you're looking to leave a bold impression, get inspired by this DC TriVistaUSA Design + Build project. We simply adore this jade wallpaper — both elegant and breath-taking.

TriVistaUSA Design + Build Dining Room - Washington, DC

Curve Appeal

2024 welcomes the soft, soothing curves of furniture and layouts that flow like a gentle stream through your living space. Curved sofas, rounded dining tables, and even arched doorways are making a comeback, creating environments that feel more organic and inviting.

Use curves against hard edges to draw attention to the eye. Check out this gorgeous example from a TriVistaUSA Design + Build Arlington powder room. The sink's curve is tilted, juxtaposing the beautiful lines of the cabinet.

TriVistaUSA Design + Build Powder Room – Arlington, VA

Quiet Luxury 

In a world that hits play on full blast the moment we step outside, there's a radical charm in tuning everything down to a whisper inside your home. True luxury is about being so effortlessly cool that you've got nothing to flaunt. That’s why we think quiet luxury will be a trend about mastering the art of finding richness in simplicity, embracing a style of elegance that's too chic to feel the need to brag.

TriVistaUSA Design + Build Primary Bathroom – Vienna, VA

Textured Layers You Can Feel 

Prepare to touch and be touched by your surroundings like never before. Mixing textures is like crafting a story you can feel, with each layer adding its own voice and vibe. Think the scratch of raw wood against the smoothness of polished marble, the plushness of velvet against the cool of metal. Texture is in and it can keep any color from going out of fashion. 

Check out this detail shot from a TriVistaUSA Design + Build primary bathroom shower with a modern-style drain. We love the gorgeous variegated, rough tile-work paired with sleek white marble walls.

TriVistaUSA Design + Build Primary Bathroom Shower Drain – Oakhill, VA

Dynamic Forms in Artwork

Why should your walls miss out on all the fun? Bringing in three-dimensional artwork and eye-catching statement pieces adds a whole new level of depth, character, and fun to any space. Imagine abstract shapes that surprise and delight, or everyday items turned into quirky art pieces.

Nestled in the heart of our Vienna client's living room, this showstopper fireplace captures a harmonious fusion of sophistication and craftsmanship. Notice its depth and array of textures - truly an art form in itself intended to highlight this client's stunning taste.

TriVistaUSA Design + Build Living Room Fireplace – Vienna, VA

Keep in mind, trends are exactly that: trends. When it comes to designing your space, the most significant influence should be your own taste. A personalized space remains timeless, even when the current trend fades away (as all trends eventually do).

So, have you thought about what you want your next living room to feel like?



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