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Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Jun 14

So the time has finally arrived! You spent the past few months designing your dream kitchen, and now construction is about to begin. But what do you do now that you are about to lose this sacred space for the next few weeks? We hope that you find these seven tips useful as you prepare for your kitchen remodel.

TriVista kitchen remodel - Arlington,VA

1. Dust off the ole’ zombie apocalypse freezer.

Think about purchasing or borrowing an extra freezer for your basement or garage. You’ll be able to prep meals in advance and freeze them away for when your kitchen becomes off limits.

2. Become the grill master you always dreamed of being.

This is the perfect time to test your grill skills. When you are craving some well prepared protein or veggies, this is a great tool to utilize.

3. Set up a temporary Easy-Bake kitchen.

Think back to your college dorm room days! Great items to consider when making a mini kitchen area include: toaster oven, mini fridge, hot plate, and microwave. If you have the space, see if you can move your old fridge to a new room so that you can continue to use this appliance too.

4. Go disposable.

Think about purchasing paper plates and napkins, cups, and plastic utensils to survive the loss of your dishwasher. If bathroom space is limited, these items can be very convenient in the middle of a busy renovation.

5. -or- hose off those dishes!

Using a hose outside might help with a little extra elbow grease for any pots, pans, and dishes. It’s a great alternative if your bathroom sinks are out of commission.

6. Try a Meal Train.

Do you have family and friends who have offered to help you through this time? is a great place where they can sign up to coordinate when/who is dropping off meals for your family.

7. Don’t forget about storage and counter space.

It can be easy to underestimate storage space you may need for your make-shift kitchen. Think about using a low budget wire shelf for your pantry and a butcher's block to prep your meals.


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Unknown member
Apr 02, 2022

These tips are helpful for those homeowners who don't know much about how to handle remodel projects. After having such information, they can easily deal with home remodeling problems.

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