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To Tear Down or Remodel: The Ultimate Fork In The Home Improvement Road

Updated: Jun 14

To tear down or to remodel? That's one of the first questions that dance through your mind when you look at your home and dream of a fresh start. The ultimate fork in the home improvement road. So here are 5 things to consider before bringing in the wrecking ball 👇

1: You want to keep the soulful stories within the walls.

Your home, it's not just a structure made of brick and mortar; it's a keeper of memories, a witness to your journey. Tearing it down is like ripping a chapter from the book of your life. But with remodeling, the stories within those walls can not only be preserved but celebrated. That slightly quirky kitchen island where your family gathered for pancake Saturdays? Priceless. The nook by the window where you'd curl up with a book and a cup of cocoa? *Cue the nostalgia*. Remodeling with our team lets you hold onto those moments and bring out the best in them, infusing them into every design decision and reminding you that your home is more than just a house.

(Before photo of one of our projects)

The after photo of a home we remodeled

(After photo of the project above)

The before photo of a home we remodeled

2: You like to make money-smart moves.

No matter the budget, when it comes to your wallet, we know you're all about smart choices. Tearing down might seem like a clean slate, but it can also be an unnecessary colossal hit to your wallet. Remodeling, on the other hand, offers a wallet-friendly avenue to upgrade, refresh, and revamp. You can channel those savings into those dreamy kitchen countertops or that spa-worthy bathroom you've been eyeing for a while now.

3: You like to think big AND green!

In a world where the environment needs a helping hand, remodeling steps up as an eco-friendly choice. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that in 2017 alone construction and demolition ventures generated over 569 million tons of waste. We know you want to champion the environment without sacrificing style or substance. With innovative and smart remodeling tactics, we're talking about sidestepping that heap of waste and extra work that comes with tearing down.

You want to keep your family settled and content without a lengthy relocation.

Picturing your family juggling life while your beloved home undergoes a dramatic transformation? That's a stress cocktail you'd rather steer clear of. You can avoid the hassle of relocating your life and precious routines by opting for a quality remodel. Even if you have to spend a couple months away, that's a world apart from about a year away from your home.

If you're curious about how remodeling fits into your new home vision, we're here to help! From our initial introduction to the final construction, you are at the head of every decision and every element that goes into your dream home.

Reach out to us and let's get the wrecking ball rolling!



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