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TriVistaUSA Transforms Tiny Arlington Home into Entertainment Haven

Updated: Apr 25

A few years ago a couple came to TriVistaUSA looking for a BIG change. With young children and their family growing, they knew it was time to improve their lifestyle. This 1945 home had three small bedrooms and a disjointed first floor layout that made our clients feel like they were living in a labyrinth. The couple loves to cook together, and entertain family and friends, so making sure they got a bigger kitchen and more space in the living area was an important objective.

On the first floor, we relocated the kitchen and the powder room. The two-story addition allowed us to add a screened-in porch that flows into the dining room, and a mudroom that allows the family a simpler pathway outside and optimizes organization. The remodel finally gave this family the entertainment space they’ve been longing for.

Below are the original first level floor plans and the new first level floor plans:

Original plans above

New plans above

1. Micro Kitchen for a Macro Family

Some of the frustrations our clients had in their “micro” kitchen included: The storage solutions, layout and lack of usable countertop space. The storage was not tailored to their family, which led to most of their countertop space being used up for small appliance storage. As for the layout, the awkward circulation paths caused a lot of congestion. They love to host family and friends, and their original kitchen was not equipped for entertainment.

We fixed this by expanding their kitchen and adding a large island. The benefits of this new island were twofold: it provided them with usable prep space and additional seating for their gatherings. Installing more cabinets and drawers, providing them with more efficient and tailored storage solutions. The new kitchen, carefully crafted with their needs and aesthetics in mind, is now the perfect space for cooking and hosting parties.

Before – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Kitchen Remodel, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Kitchen Remodel, Arlington VA

2. The Chaos Corner Turned Organizational Oasis

If a junk drawer was a room... this would be it!

One of the problems our clients wanted addressed was the lack of storage in their home. They wanted to give everything a place to limit the number of Legos they were stepping on (Ouch!). This sunroom/playroom/deck access had too many functions for its size. Our clients felt that the room had too much clutter due to its many functions and it also served as an access point to the patio which had no connection to the main deck or backyard, making it a maze to get around the house. Due to these issues, we created a new primary entry to give this room the purpose it needed... a mudroom! Now this sunroom/playroom/deck access is the room it was destined to be with less toys to trip over.

Before – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Mudroom Remodel, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Mudroom Remodel, Arlington VA

3. Outdated Outdoor Living

Our clients’ outdoor space was a massive frustration for them. They expressed how much they enjoy spending time outside and how their current decks (roughly 215 sq.ft. combined) barely fit their family, let alone any guests they host. Having an updated and larger deck along with adding a screened-in porch was high on their priority list. The new spaces we created for them include a larger deck along with a cozy screened-in porch that is perfect for lounging and entertaining. With both outdoor spaces (roughly 546 sq.ft.) they can maximize their time outside. With the added fireplace in the porch, they are able to spend time outside in the colder months, making the porch a year round favorite.

Before – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Home Remodel, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Home Remodel, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Home Remodel, Arlington VA

4. Have a Seat, Rest Your Head

Have you ever wanted to use the toilet and wash your hands at the same time? No? Neither did our clients or their guests!

This tiny powder room made it difficult for the family to feel comfortable and caused way too many stubbed toes and banged elbows. On top of that, the bathroom didn’t have a window, which made it feel even more claustrophobic. Now, in a new more private location, we have doubled the square footage, creating better circulation for the user. The new window brightens and enlarges the space - definitely the improvement they needed.

Before – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Bathroom Remodel, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Bathroom Remodel, Arlington VA

5. The Secret Pantry

Our clients can't get enough of their latest kitchen addition: a secret pantry! Tucked away behind a mysterious door (previously the powder room), this hidden gem comes with handy outlets and plenty of room for those countertop squatters (appliances).

The element of surprise adds to its charm, giving them a fun talking point for when friends and family come to visit. It's the perfect mix of practical and playful!

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Pantry, Arlington VA

After – TriVistaUSA Design + Build Pantry, Arlington VA

After thoughtful design and creativity, this tiny home bloomed into the gorgeous new and improved space that it is today. This remodeling project crossed off all of our clients goals that they desperately desired. It also created the space they needed for their growing family and for hosting their family and friends.



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