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Turn Your House Into a Home by Renovating These Areas

Your home is likely where you spend the majority of your time. That's what makes it so important to ensure that your home is one of relaxation, beauty, and enjoyment. Even if you spend a considerable amount of time away from your home, having a beautiful space to return to can provide countless benefits. In order to truly turn a house into a home, it needs to be a reflection of yourself, your tastes, and your personality. As a leading design build company, our residential architects have transformed numerous homes. Renovate these areas of your home to improve the overall look.


To many, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. That's because it's the space where families gather to prepare meals, enjoy a snack, and create lasting memories. It's also a space that is optimal for beginning your home remodeling journey. Work with kitchen designers who have experience in crafting luxury kitchens. Soon, your kitchen can be outfitted with beautiful, brand-new appliances, stone countertops, and modern smart features.

Primary Bathroom

With a new primary bathroom, you can create a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. A custom design build company will work with you to craft a space that fits your needs, all while reflecting your personality. Popular additions include smart ambient lighting, natural wood vanities, rainfall shower heads, and heated floors. According to WHSV, Virginians are in the top 10 in the country for home renovation spending, with residents spending 5.2% of the median income on remodeling.

Outdoor Space

When you want to experience the beauty that lies outside of your home, you'll be grateful that you opted for an outdoor addition. From beautiful sunrooms to natural wooden decks or stone patios, your new outdoor space will create countless memories with your family and friends. Catch the big game while grilling out with your family or relax by your stunning outdoor fireplace when you hire a luxury design build company.

When you're looking to truly turn your house into a home, consider hiring our skilled team at TriVistaUSA Design + Build. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to an incredible outdoor living area, you can trust our team to transform your living space into one that represents you and your unique tastes. As a leading design build firm in Arlington, VA, we can make your home dreams come true. Reach out to us today.



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