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What Details Should Your New Bathroom Remodel Include?

Updated: Jun 14

Remodeling a bathroom is a decision no one ever regrets. It's one of those gifts that keeps on giving. A bathroom is a utility space but also a potentially luxurious unwinding spot. You can get one of the most reputable design build teams to add high-end features to improve your bathroom experience with additions like a new bathtub, heated floors, a sauna, or wall inlays. This room may be a little smaller than others in your home, but having the correct details together can make this your favorite space. Here are some points you should consider in your bathroom remodel.

New Appliances

Whether it's a new bathtub, a new showerhead, or a new toilet, these are important details to put into your bathroom remodel! Updated appliances can make all the difference in whether you love this room or tolerate it. A design-build team will guide you through interior design options that suit your taste and are practical enough to achieve with the current layout. You can also ask to see some of their projects as you comb out your aesthetic preferences. Talk about inspiration!

New Wallpaper or Paint

A brand new color or pattern can bring life to a boring room. That's where our a design-build team can step in and help out. They can help you determine the overall aesthetic of your new, remodeled bathroom, and pick out a paint color or wallpaper swatch that fits. You can go for a darker grey to balance out the room if you have large windows with lots of light, or go with a light color to brighten a small guest bathroom. It's up to you!

New Fixtures

Ignoring the smaller parts of your bathroom is a good way to get a mismatched aesthetic. Be sure to consult with us at TriVistaUSA Design + Build about your lighting, cabinet, and all other fixtures in the bathroom. The switch from silver to gold, or even to glass or acrylic, is a big one!

It's always a good idea to upgrade your bathroom, especially if you want to enjoy your home more. There's no reason not to have a five-star bathroom experience right within the convenience of your property.



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