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What New Spaces Are Possible With a Second Floor?

Do you feel like your home could use some more space to accommodate the needs of you and your family? If so, then don't underestimate the possibilities that a brand-new second floor presents! According to Zillow, 76% of Americans surveyed would rather use a set amount of money to upgrade their home to meet their needs rather than use it as a down payment on a new home. Keep reading to learn all about the home additions and implementations that can be achieved with this expansion project.

A New Spa Space

Ever dreamed of having your own spa to retreat to whenever you want? Make this dream a reality with the excellent remodeling services provided by TriVistaUSA Design + Build! This relaxing home addition can be tailored to suit your exact relaxation needs. Rainfall showerheads, deep soaking tubs, and heated floors are just a few excellent aspects of your new spa space that you'll love.

Furthermore, our exceptional designers are here to elevate this space to your style preferences. Flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures with luxurious finishes, natural materials, and striking hues are details made possible by our design build approach.

Midnight Coffee Bar

When it comes to making your home better suited to your tastes, TriVistaUSA Design + Build is here with the perfect solutions. Take the midnight coffee bar we built for a client in our Fairfax project as an example. Use an additional floor as an opportunity to have uniquely-purposed spaces like these built out. Built-in nooks, stylish bar carts, and a mini-fridge are perfect for neatly storing the syrups, creamers, and cold brews that your everyday coffee experience demands. Collaborate with our crew in Arlington, VA to learn more about the detailed implementations we can make to complete this home addition.

Coffee bars, tea prep spaces, and snack stations are a few fun ideas that are possible with our design build process. Let our expert team of designers and constructors know what additions we can make to enhance your WFH life or simply make your second floor snack-ready for the whole family.

New Office

If you or another family member work from home, the addition of a second floor can really boost your WFH living! A dedicated work area free from distractions can enhance your productivity, allowing you to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. Our exceptional contractors can implement custom cabinetry and drawers to keep office supplies neatly tucked away, allowing you to easily maintain a clutter-free environment. Ample electrical outlets and USB ports ensure that all devices are conveniently powered.

Consider the benefits of more comprehensive workspace customizations. For instance, it's essential that your WFH area is quiet and not vulnerable to external disruptions. Soundproofed walls and insulation can help you stay productive and foster a distraction-free work experience. Additionally, the integration of smart technology allows you to adjust the lighting and climate settings, maximizing your comfort.

Adding another floor to your residence comes with a wealth of benefits and new opportunities. Improve your quality of life and enhance the enjoyment you get from your home with the exceptional work of TriVistaUSA Design + Build. To get started with your second-floor addition project, reach out to our team today in Arlington, VA.

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