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A hidden agenda

The space had potential – too much. The kitchen, pantry, laundry room, work/office area, and garage entrance were all jammed into the kitchen space, creating a neat freak’s nightmare. They wanted relief from the cramp and clutter, a kitchen with a sophisticated vibe and lots of storage.

Our solution? An elegant façade with a pirate’s treasure of hidden storage space.

The kitchen is full of cabinets and discreetly disguised appliances that keep the space uncluttered. The microwave is hidden in the island, and the 48-inch Thermador double oven range has a hidden hood, keeping the lines of the room clean. As a final touch, we added a secret door into the new powder room, camouflaged to look like the rest of the shelving.


Adventure awaits!

Kitchen with Hidden Door
Powder Room
To see the image in its entirety, click on the large photo above.
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