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home designer near me like TriVistaUSA will deliver a basement retreat like this complete with a media room and wet bar
Complete retreat

Enjoying a carefree, playproof basement doesn’t mean sacrificing style and beauty. We intently listened to our active, professional clients who wanted a fun, multi-functioning space for their young children, a home gym (can you tell they are big LSU fans?), plus a hip and cool entertainment area for their guests.

Our careful planning included custom woodworking details designed and built in-house, which transformed the former storage area’s basic support beams and venting soffits into stunning works of art.


Providing our clients with enduring quality means going above and beyond: finding handsome and attractive finishes and researching innovative products meant to perform and withstand the test of time. We placed special emphasis on sourcing highly durable, maintenance-free selections for our clients, which included this project’s moisture and movement resistant shiplap walls and flooring.


The result was a detailed start-to-finish experience that created a gorgeous, functional living space that was exactly what our clients wanted.

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