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Oh, so suave

This newly remodeled living room went from drab to fab. The previous space lacked character and was very stark and simple; with a painted brick mantle which destroyed the original charm and warmth of the beautiful space. By introducing materials and finishes that are very warm and sophisticated, our team was able to deliver our clients a fabulous space where they could retreat and unwind after the kids went to bed. 


Every detail, from the fixtures and finishes, to added unique nuances, was purposely selected to add architectural interest. In this totally lux and mature room you'll find a fabulous golden bar, textured wall paper, lovely new beams, and an updated mantle façade.​​​ We are particularly proud of the beautifully stained radiator covers that were handmade by our project manager for our client.

In the end we were able to create the dream adult space that these busy parents desperately craved!

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